Open Wed - Sun 6 'til 11

A cocktail bar where you can also have a meal that both him and her will like or like to share.  Locally sourced fresh food.  Ideal private party venue.

The bar celebrates woman who fought for woman's rights.  From Charlie Chaplin's outward mistress to Suffrage and the Pankhursts.  Some of the woman on the walls are not wearing many clothes but they were pretty cool ladies even 100 years ago.  Keep an open mind because if you think it's wrong then remember how long ago it was and how we are supposed to progress.  If you are a woman saying it's wrong well,  shame on you.  These woman fought for the right to show their breasts,  bums and also, in part, for the right of a woman to have a cocktail in Grays Lounge today with friends.

Whether you come for a cocktail, meal or  just an illy coffee, we are sure you will be relaxed.



At Grays Lounge we have the perfect party venue.  We realise that not everyone has hundreds of friends but may have more friends than they want to entertain in their own home.  We have space for 60 people sitting which lends itself to many initimate occasions.  From birthdays to anniversaries, even an actual wedding.  If 60 sounds too many we also have smaller party options.

We also know budgets and tastes change.  We try to may everything right for you because you are an individual and the party should reflect you.  To begin with we simply want to understand what you want rather than offer something "normal".  Whether drinks, snacks, buffet, sharers packages.  If you want fire eaters at the window we want to know and if you are thinking that is a little far fetched, we have arrange that before.

Contact us to discuss options costs and whether the venue is free.  We know you are an individual so let us try to make your party special.


Single Cheese Board

Our "Posh Dog" a big tasty hot dog £4.95 WEDNESDAY SPECIAL TWO POSH DOGS FOR £5



Grays Lounge, 196 Whitley Road, Whitley Bay, NE26 2TA

Open Wednesday - Sunday 18:00 - 23:00 

No Seat Reservations Unless Agreed Party Booking

Day Time Number 0191 289 7485          Night Time Telephone 0191 252 3085

Parking FREE after 6PM both sides of the Whitley Road outside Gray's Lounge.  

Opposite Gray's Lounge FREE for 1 Hour before 6PM.  Parking on Esplanade is FREE all day