Joffers is affiliated to the much larger company Ecor Pro B.V. This is a Dutch company and is a manufacturer & importer of goods from the Far East.

 All of our tea is provided in 100g (3.53oz) foil sealed bags.  Price per kilo is highly competitive but we don't sacrifice any quality.  Far from it!  We just keep it simple cutting out a lot of middle-men in between and passing the savings to you. Cost effective & quality.

Using these wider company  links we have imported 101 teas to the UK for you.  


Joffers Sponsors a School For Orphans In Darjeeling

support a local school

Ecor Pro supplies many household retailer names & has an office in Shenzhen, China that helps a lot.  

Joffers has been able to travel to China, India & a few places in between.  Our office in China coordinates everything from the plantations to the shipping.  We work with our known company contacts in the countries to oversee the selection of the teas we have chosen & they also ensure the product meets all our set specifications.

We are a fair company so we always ensure the workers are treated fairly

Selecting Teas In Indiasorting the teas

We are Passionate Geordies & love the North East of England.  We love it so much we even made our packaging North East themed.

Product categories all depict famous locations in the area & make it easy to find when you reach for the particular one in your cupboard.  Strangely enough the interest in the brand is split with more of our goods being sold outside the North East to customers.


I'm Agne. I Select The Joffers Tea But Its Not All Fun. Here Food Poisoned In India & Looking For A Doctor!
me food poisoned

We of course supply to retailers around the country & the packaging design has been well been very well received by Hotels, Hospitality Centres & Restaurant businesses in the North East and a little further.

Everywhere you go you will find a Geordie

so they say but it may also be some people just want to try a little more of the North East of England than Geordie Shore!

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Manchester, England Customer