Wednesday - Sunday
6pm - 11pm
Evening 0191 252 3085
Daytime 0191 289 7485
No bookings unless for parties
196 Whitley Road, Whitley Bay, NE26 2TA
A relaxed cocktail bar where you can also have a meal.  Locally sourced fresh food and an ideal private party venue.
The bar celebrates woman who fought for woman's rights. 
From Charlie Chaplin's outward mistress to Suffrage and the Pankhursts.  Some of images of woman not wearing many clothes on the walls are over 100 years old so if you are slightly offended remember these woman paved the way to allow a woman to have a cocktail in Grays Lounge today.


Gin 1/2 Price

We have over  20 premium gins in our range some perhaps unique in the North East

Every Night

2 Proseccos Only £5 

Usually £4.95 each but if you buy two then its only £5 for them both

Every Night

2 4 1 B 4 7 

Any two of the same cocktails for the price of one before 7pm


2 "Posh Dogs" £5 B 4 7 

Usually a bargain at £4.95 but a total must for a couple


At Grays Lounge we have the perfect party venue.  Not everyone has hundreds of friends but so we have space for 60 people sitting which lends itself to a close, intimate occasion.  From birthdays to anniversaries, even an actual wedding at Grays.  If 60 sounds too many we also have smaller party options.
Budgets, tailored menus right for you are available so contact us to discuss options, costs and whether the venue can be yours FREE.  


We, at Grays Lounge, bring together local produce to form popular meals for the family.  Like our cocktails we only use premium ingredients.  You really will taste the difference.  
Cocktails are made the classical way to the classic mix but our resident mixologist Mr K often puts a modern twist on the presentation as well as creating a number himself.


Parking FREE after 6PM both sides of the Whitley Road outside Gray's Lounge.  

Opposite Gray's Lounge FREE for 1 Hour before 6PM.  Parking on Esplanade is FREE all day


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